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Since 1997, Anapa has been a top pearl producer of French Polynesia, pioneering eco management in harmony with the sea.


 From the runways of Paris to the finest jewelers, our pearls are consistently chosen by the most discriminating designers to become couture collections, museum pieces and stunning jewels. In house, our own pearl creations are designed for elegant simplicity, in honor of the exquisite pearls from which they are created.

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We hope you enjoy our site and the world of Anapa Pearls.

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In an ancient bay where manta rays play and dolphins and whales dance, lie the oyster beds of Anapa Perles.

Nestled in this idyllic paradise minerals from the Mountains of the Temahani provide rich nutrients that create pearls of exceptional beauty. 

Nurtured only by nature, the pearls grow luminescent into the colors of the misty dew-filled rainbows of this place known as Raiatea, the Sacred Isle.




alexander mcqueen and anapa pearls

Couture Neckpiece

by Alexander McQueen 

400 Perles de Tahiti  exclusively by Anapa Perles

Victoria & Albert Museum London

anapa perles tahiti and alexander mcqueen
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Natural Beauty


From Paradise to you. 

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